T5 Five Speed Transmissions

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Professionally Remanufactured T5 Five Speed

We can now offer a complete T5 for your hot rod applications. This is the same transmission used in the  Chevrolet and GMC light duty pickup trucks from 1982 through 1992. Choose the early style with the mechanical speedometer drive, or the 1989-92 style with the electronic speedometer drive.

All have the S-10 style shifter location as shown in the pictures above. These are the non world class T5's and are ideal for setting up behind the typical Ford flathead V8 engine, where bell housing adapters are available to you. They have the 1" - 14 spline input shaft.

These transmissions are remanufactured by an authorized rebuild/reman facility with state of the art facilities. All units are dyno tested. Your transmission is backed by a 2 year warranty. Please see our warranty information below. 

S-10 Gear Ratios for the NWC T-5

1st: 3.76:1 2nd: 2.18:1 3rd: 1.41:1 4th: 1.00:1 5th: 0.72:1
1st: 4.03:1 2nd: 2.37:1 3rd: 1.49:1 4th: 1.00:1 5th: 0.86:1


  Price With Core
T5 (NWC) transmission - FOB our warehouse

$ 1395.00 *

* Core charge is $350.00. Please contact us for specific address of rebuild facility before sending cores. Suitable cores must be the comparable T-5 transmission of the same era, from the Chevrolet S-10 type pickup truck with the 4 cylinder or small V6 engine. The core transmission must be complete and in rebuildable condition to qualify for credit on the core charge. Core must be shipped freight prepaid to our facility (customer bears the cost of the core return).

Warranty: The T5 remanufactured transmission is protected by a limited warranty, and is only warranted for the original purpose of its use in a light truck or passenger car application. The warranty is limited to repair or replacement of any parts found to be defective during the first 2 Years of ownership. The warranty is given only to the original purchaser of the remanufactured transmission. The warranty protection is offered to units returned to our facility where professional inspection and repair can be performed. If the unit is deemed unrepairable, it will be replaced at our discretion. The warranty does not include labor charges to remove or replace the unit, nor does it cover other expenses such as replacement transmission fluid, car rentals, vehicle towing charges, or external parts not originally considered part of the transmission. This warranty is limited to normal driving applications. Racing, off-road use, or other severe duty applications will NOT be covered. The warranty begins on the date of original purchase by the customer.

P. O. Box 327
Batavia, Ohio  45103  USA

(800) 299-7496 (in the USA only)
(513) 724-9485 (outside the USA)

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