Ford Flathead V8 Engine Overhaul

1937 thru 1948 24 Stud Engines
(Except the 60hp V8)

These pages contain information and instruction for the overhaul and repair of the Ford and Mercury V8 engines (except the V8 60hp) that were built during 1937 and up through 1948 inclusive. Due to the differences in the various models of the cars and trucks using these engines, no attempt has been made in this book to cover the procedures necessary to remove the engine from the vehicle. The instructions and procedures start with the engine already removed from the vehicle.

The web pages under this overhaul program apply to any of these engines, since their construction is identical except for sizes. Each chapter is divided in sections as shown in the Table of Contents. Chapter IV gives fits, tolerances, and wear limits in tabulated form. Maximum clearances are included since it is possible to have two parts, either of which is satisfactory for further use when considered alone, to have excessive clearance when used together.

Throughout this website program, on the first page of each Chapter, a list of the major subjects in the Chapter is given, each with an assigned section number. Convenient links are provided that allow the viewer to jump to a particular section within each chapter.

In the Inspection and Repair Chapter, each section contains complete inspection instructions, with wear limits, which clearly point out when a part should be reworked or replaced.

Numbers appearing in the various illustrations in bold type are basic part numbers. When ordering parts by these numbers from a dealer, be sure to specify the year and model number of the vehicle. Ford's parts numbering system for 1932 to 1948 identified each part with a basic number. Specific versions for particular models will include a prefix and frequently a suffix. These are necessary to identify the exact part used in your application.

This website program was intended to be used as a guide for anyone working on any of these engines, and it gives procedures for the complete repair of the engine. Where limited repairs only are to be made, follow just those portions of the program that apply to the particular engine being worked on. This is a Repair Manual rather than a Reconditioner's Manual, and some acceptable repair practices would not be acceptable reconditioning practices. In this program, the work "repair" is used to indicate "restore to good working condition" and not to a "like new" condition.

Furthermore, the reader should be aware that this program was originally established in 1948, and reflects the common repair practices and tools that were utilized in those days. A modern day repair may possibly be effected more efficiently and safely by using today's products, tools, and methods. As always, any and all repair work should be done in the safest manner possible. All available personal protection equipment is recommended, including eye, ear, breathing, and skin protection. Dispose of any and all hazardous chemicals used in the repair process by safe and legal means. 


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CHAPTER 1 - Description and Disassembly

  • Section 111          Data

  • Section 112          Accessory Removal

  • Section 113          Engine Disassembly

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CHAPTER 2 - Inspection and Repair

  • Section 121          Crankshaft and Flywheel                    

  • Section 122          Cylinder Block                                   

  • Section 123          Pistons and Connecting Rods              

  • Section 124          Camshaft and Valve Mechanism          

  • Section 125          Cylinder Heads and Front Cover           

  • Section 126          Oil Pump and Oil Pump Drive              

  • Section 127-A       Water Pumps (bushing type)              

  • Section 127-B       Water Pumps (ball bearing type)         

  • Section 128-129    Oil Pan, Intake and Exhaust Manifolds

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CHAPTER 3 - Assembly of Engine

  • Section 131          Assembly                                        

  • Section 132          Installation of Accessories                 

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CHAPTER 4 - Fits and Tolerances

  • Section 141          Definitions of Fits                              

  • Section 142          Fits and Tolerances                           

  • Section 143          Torque Wrench Readings                 

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See Section 142 link

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