Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Technical Advice:

Our technical support is limited to your parts orders and the parts we stock and sell. Due to time restraints, we will not be able to take tech calls that relate to general service, maintenance, or trouble shooting questions on your cars and trucks. We can't properly advise you on your overheating problem, or the misfire in the ignition, or the clunking sound in the chassis. Many such problems require the eyes and ears of someone on-site who can diagnose the potential problem. We have provided many resources online within our website, which may offer some helpful tips. Check out the links in the gray bar above. You may also receive good suggestions from fellow enthusiasts who participate at antique Ford forums online (for example: FORDBARN, the HAMB aka JALOPY JOURNAL, the EARLY FORD V8 CLUB, FORD TRUCK ENTHUSIASTS, and other similar sites). 

Vehicle Serial Number and Title Advice:  
We do NOT provide any VIN information beyond the early Ford serial number chart that is linked above. We have no experience in dealing with the motor vehicle departments in the 50 USA states. We do NOT sell vehicle number plates (ie serial number plates, manufacturer model plates, VIN code plates) for your car or anyone's car. If you purchased a car or truck without a correct serial number, or a correct title, you should contact your local DMV for their advice on how to proceed with that problem.

What Is It Worth? 
This question is asked all the time by people who want to sell their old Ford engine or vehicle. There is no way for us to provide a logical and reasonable guess in reply to these requests. Pricing is always affected by condition, general demand for that item, regional or local demand for it, and your own willingness or need to sell. Once again, the antique Ford forums are the best way to gather the random guesses into some sort of value that appeals to you and a potential buyer. Help yourself by getting to know the engine or car that you wish to sell, in order to help qualify its value. And, good luck.......

We reprint our single catalog once a year or so. There is a small charge for the printed catalog. If you live outside of the USA, we have to charge for the postage to mail it to you. Please see the 'OUR CATALOG" link above for more information. You can download a pdf version free of charge at any time. Like anyone's printed catalog, the prices and specifications are all subject to change without notice. Our catalog includes many parts drawings and specifications so it is a useful thing to have. Just remember to check our pricing online, or call our sales office if you need to confirm a specific price.

Using Our Website:
The site is basically divided into three parts: 

* The tool bar at the top of each page takes you to all the tech support (parts drawings, tune-up specs, service tips, and more)

* The left side of the home page carries the links to all the products we sell. These prices are kept up to date.                            

* The right hand side of the home page shows the link to our online store for secure purchasing of parts 24 hours a day.                         

For various reasons, we have chosen to limit the parts, kits, tools, and books available in the ONLINE STORE. We stock much more than what you see in the store. If you find something that you wish to purchase, and do not see it in the online store, please call our sales office to place the order. Our aim is to balance the convenience of online ordering with the necessity of assuring that you place the order and receive the parts that are correct for your application.

International Orders:
We sell parts all around the world. Most of the time the customer knows what part he needs, but occasionally there are questions about the parts needed. We depend on your accurate descriptions and photos to guide us on the application. Due to the time zone differences and language difficulties, it helps us greatly if you can use the email to contact us regarding the parts. There may be delays in finalizing your order as we work through your communications but we will do our very best to process your order as quickly as possible. If you wish to telephone us please compare your time zone to ours (we are in the Eastern Time Zone in the USA). The best time to call us is when we open (9:00am) or late in the day (4:00-5:00PM). We are glad to speak with you over the telephone, but we do not return international phone calls

We may not be able to ship heavy items (transmissions for example) to international locations. Something heavy may have to be shipped to a USA location such as a freight forwarding company. Small orders that can be mailed via the postal system are not a problem for us. Please refer to the terms and conditions for international customers, as shown on our parts prices web pages. We have no control over the delays often encountered with international package shipments, but we do provide the tracking numbers for you.

Many illustrations, photos, and text, including but not limited to our own company logo are copyright protected. We reserve all rights to our graphic images and text within our website. The images of parts, various specification charts, and text are available to you for your personal use. We will not allow or permit any reproduction of any copyrighted materials for any commercial use, including copies made for others, whether offered free or for any monetary value. Any reproduction of copyright protected materials, beyond your personal use, is expressly prohibited. We request that webmasters do NOT include any of our web pages within a frame of another website. 

Business Hours:
We are open Monday through Thursday (except for regular holidays) during the hours of 9:00am to 5:00pm Eastern Time. Vacation and holiday closures will be posted on our website home page, during which time the sales office and telephone lines will be closed. No orders will be shipped or received during such closure periods.

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