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Telephone Contact:

Our Sales Office: 1-513-724-9486

Your orders and phone calls keep us very busy.  Please leave a voice mail message if you miss us. Due to high demand, our tech support is limited to assistance relating to your parts order. We have placed a significant amount of technical drawings and service support data on our website, which is available to you free of charge. We cannot give you estimates for the value of your engines or cars. We cannot trouble shoot your motor problems over the telephone. Please check the links above for answers to your general questions. We are sorry
but we cannot return international phone calls. 

Email Contact:

For email inquiries, please use   to contact us. We try to check this several times each weekday, but please be patient if we are delayed reading your email. We experience a high number of calls through the day that keep us very busy. Sometimes, email is preferred if technical questions about our parts would require some research before replying.

Mail-Postal Contact:

Our mailing address is:
P.O. Box 327
Batavia, Ohio  45103  USA

Shipping Address:

1081-B State Route 28 Bypass - Suite 258
Milford, Ohio  45150-2090  USA

If you are shipping a package to us, please direct it to this address. This location is not our shop or
warehouse address, but can receive shipments and packages for us during regular business hours.

Shop-Warehouse Location:

Our primary shop and warehouse is located in Milford, Ohio which is on the eastern side of greater Cincinnati. We do not permit
casual walk-in visitors. Please contact us regarding a visit, or to arrange a pickup of an order before you head to Cincinnati.
We will give you travel directions to the shop at that time. Thank you for your cooperation.

Office Hours:

Monday - Thursday (9:00am to 5:00pm Eastern Time) 

Closed Friday through Sunday

Frequently Asked Questions:

Click HERE for our FAQ page

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