1949 to 1953 Ford Passenger Car

Serial Number VIN Plate Information

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Ford began to place the vehicle serial number in a new location beginning with the 1949 model year production. According to  the 1956 printing of Motors Auto Repair Manual, the VIN was stamped at these locations. Where contradicted by a Ford chassis manual, we are using the actual Ford reference. We have included the Mercury VIN plate locations as well, although the decoding charts are not included here. The following information was obtained from the 1949-59 Ford chassis parts manual and listed the single reference to the Patent Plate location, which does not include the correct specific location for the 1949 through 1956 model years. Refer to those separate charts.

To decode your VIN data plate for 1949 to 1959 cars, go to these pages for the breakdown of codes:
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