Flathead V8 General Torque Specifications

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Engine & Transmission Related Torque Settings 
1949 to 53 V8

Bolt Location

Torque Setting Ft. Lbs.

Main Bearing Bolts 95-105
Cylinder Head Bolts   65-70 *
Connecting Rod Nuts 45-50
Flywheel to Crankshaft 75-85
Exhaust Manifold 25-30
Intake Manifold 23-28
Oil Pump to Block 12-15
Oil Pump Cover Plate 7 -10
Water Pump Bolts 23-28
Water Outlet Bolts 12-15
Timing Cover Bolts


  * For stock cast iron heads. Reduce torque setting to
   35-40 ft lbs for aftermarket aluminum heads or as 
   directed by manufacturer.

Bolt Location

Torque Setting Ft. Lbs.

Camshaft Timing Gear 15-20
Clutch Pressure Plate Bolts 17-20
Bell Housing to Block 37-42
Trans to Bell Housing 40-50
Starter Bolts 15-20
Fuel Pump 6 - 9
Spark Plugs 25-30
Generator Bracket 55-70
Truck Pan Clean-out Plate 10-15
Oil Pan to Block 15-18
Oil Pan to Rear Engine Plate


Crank Pulley Bolt to Crankshaft

Not Stated by Ford

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