Ford  Top Loader Three Speed Transmission

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Early Ford Transmissions - Shifter Lever Wear

Worn Shifter Levers

The two pictures above show a common problem with well-used levers in the toploader type transmissions from 1932-39 on the passenger cars, and from 1932-52 on the light pickup trucks and commercial vehicles with similar toploader 3 speed transmissions. The early levers (1932-35) had a somewhat shorter stub end compared to the 1936 and later levers, but the visual cues are the same for either type. 

The wear can be repaired if you don't have access to a good replacement shifter lever. By TIG welding steel at the wear points, you can then grind and file the built-up material to restore the profiles and contours of the original steel. This will return the lever to its original condition which minimizes any sloppiness in the fit of the lever in the shifter tower. You can check the original measurements with a micrometer (at the unworn spots) for the size you need to recreate. The restored part should be smooth at all repaired areas.


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