Ford  Top Loader Three Speed Transmission

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Potential Problems with Early Ford Transmissions

Like any old transmission, there can be a variety of components that have failed to do their job, whether from abuse or long-term wear and tear. Each part contributes to the normal operation of the transmission. When any part is defective, worn out, or simply mis-matched to the rest of the gearset, you would almost certainly have problems in operation. This web page will address a few problems, which are best understood with good photos and a short written description. These issues are supplementary to all the common rebuild notes that are found in our transmission repair manual (The Ins and Outs of Early Ford Transmissions) which is available to purchase from our online store. Click here for more information on the book. The following pages will focus on specific problems.

Popping Out of Gear 

Worn Shifter Levers

Worn Case Thrust Surfaces

How to Place the Transmission Back in Neutral

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