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4-6-8 Cylinder

We stock ignition parts for Ford engines from 1932 to 1974

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Tune Up Specifications: 32 to 48 
Tune Up Specifications: 49 to 53 
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1932-34 Four

B-12105 Cap
B-12115 Cap
B-12200 Rotor
B-12199 Points
B-12300 Condenser

KIT: 1FTK  Out of Stock

1932-36 Early V8

18-12105 Outer Caps (2)
18-12116 Inner Caps (2)
48-12201 Rotor
18-12107S Points Set
18-12300 Condenser

KIT: 2FTK - Check availability

1936 Late V8

18-12105 Outer Caps (2)
68-12116 Inner Caps (2)
68-12201 Rotor
78-12107S Points Set
68-12300 Condenser

KIT: 3FTK - Check availability

1937-41 V8

18-12105 Outer Caps (2)
68-12116 Inner Caps (2)
68-12201 Rotor
78-12107S Points Set
78-12300 Condenser

KIT: 4FTK @ $129.00

1942-44 V8

21A-12106 Cap
21A-12200 Rotor
78-12107S Points Set
1GA-12300 Condenser

KIT: 5FTK @ $85.00

1946-48 V8

59A-12105 Outer Cap
59A-12106 Inner Cap
59A-12200 Rotor
78-12107S Points Set
1GA-12300 Condenser

KIT: 6FTK @ $103.00

1949-53 V8

FAB-12106 Cap
FAA-12200 Rotor
FAA-12171A Points
7RA-12300 Condenser

KIT: 7FTK @ $45.00

1954-56 V8

FAB-12106 Cap
FAA-12200 Rotor
FAB-12171A Points
FAB-12300 Condenser

KIT: 8FTK @ $39.00

1957-74 V8

B7A-12106A Cap
B7A-12200 Rotor
B7A-12171B Points
B7AZ-12300C Condenser

KIT: 9FTK @ $35.00

1941-42 Six

1GA-12106 Cap
1GA-12200 Rotor
1GA-12107 Points
1GA-12300 Condenser

KIT: 10FTK - Check availability

1946-47 Six

5GA-12106 Cap
1GA-12200 Rotor
1GA-12107 Points
1GA-12300 Condenser
Sorry - Currently out of stock

KIT: 11FTK - Check availability

1948-67 Six

7HA-12106 Cap
FAA-12200 Rotor
FAA-12171 Points
7RA-12300 Condenser

KIT: 12FTK @ $43.00


Please Note: 
Prices are subject to change without notice and will be those in effect at the time of order

Ignition Parts Are Not Returnable For Credit. Compare the picture links to your application before ordering.

Don't Forget Distributor Gaskets, Rubber Boots, and Spark Plug Wire Sets (page 1)

 We strive to keep this web page up-to-date, but suppliers often do not give us advance notice before changing pricing to us. Please confirm your pricing when placing an order. The New Parts listed here are primarily replacement parts from limited supplies of new-old-stock or new-old-replacement-stock; or new reproduction parts. The Ford part numbers listed are for identification purposes only, and do NOT represent or imply that the parts offered are genuine Ford service parts. Our minimum order for product is $10.00 and the minimum shipping charge is $9.00. All prices listed below are in US Dollars.

To place an order, call 1-513-724-9486. Office hours are Monday-Thursday from 9:00am to 5:00pm Eastern Time. You may also use the online store to make purchases if within the USA. Not all parts are listed on the store yet so check with our sales office if you do not see an item in the online store.

Please Note: All international packages require completion of the Customs Declaration Form, and will be charged a $10.00 documentation fee. 
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