My 1939 Ford Standard Coupe - The Restoration

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The beginning of the new rear suspension kit installation! I purchased a complete kit that included the parallel leaf springs, spring hangers, shackles, shock absorbers, and shock mounts. The kit is essentially a bolt-on and transforms the Ford from the transverse "buggy spring" type to a more modern parallel leaf spring arrangement that allows you to mount a Ford 8" rear axle assembly.

The first thing you have to do is grind out/drill out some of the frame rivets where bolts will be used instead. This view shows the passenger side of the frame just before the kick-up. I highlighted the three rivet holes I had to open (note the yellow marker).


Switching over to the driver's side, you can see the positioning of the new front hanger bracket (in flat black finish) from the outside of the frame. Those two holes in the bracket  were already in there, and matching holes had to be drilled in the frame for the hardware.


Here are those two holes from the inside of the frame. You can see the small patch plate that had been welded in the frame to repair a rusted out section. This was the only spot on the frame that had to be repaired. 


Same bracket from the inside of the frame. It's actually a two-piece bracket. The kit includes measuring instructions that help you determine this mounting location. Once everything is located, you fit the two pieces in place, scribe the two holes needed, and drill them for the two bolts & nuts shown. The kit included grade 5 hardware with split lock washers. I added flat washers wherever space permitted to help spread the load over more surface area.

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